3-D/Virtual Reality PaperTM

Invented by Micro Format in 1997
Re-Invented in 2010

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This is .... 3-D/Virtual Reality Paper TM

Virtual Reality 3-D Paper
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3-D Glasses

3-D is bigger than ever.
There are 3-D movies ... 3-D Television ... 3-D magazines
Micro Format has introduced a new product for use by
printers using a Variable Image Digital Press as well as "offset" printing presses.

3-D Viewer Paper for variable image printing.

Micro Format Virtual Reality Paper can be printed with any Laser Printer, Ink Jet Printer or professional printing press.
When viewed through a red/blue viewer, words and images appear to float above the page. Add another dimension by creating and printing red/blue 3-D Images.

3-D Paper

Write, Draw or Print on this unique 3-D/Virtual Reality Paper.
View images through a Red/Blue Viewer
and watch as images appear to float above the page.

VR2075... Super Color 3-D PAPER
250 sheets per package
Includes 1 pair of 3D viewer glasses
$40.00 per package

1 carton
1,000 sheets (4 packages per carton)
Includes 4 pair of 3D viewer glasses
$145.00 per carton

Need extra 3-D Viewer Glasses?

50 pair 3-D Glasses
$25.00 when purchased with 3-D Viewer Paper

3-D Paper

Turn your photos into 3-D with z-analgylph
(Download FREE program)

Josie and Murray

How to create 3-D anaglyph images

Instructions for using 3-D Virtual Reality Paper

Print with your Laser or Color Ink Jet Printer.

No special software needed.
Print graphics or text. You can even use your word processing program. Create images that appear to float above the page, when viewed through a red/blue viewer.
Micro Format Virtual Reality Paper can be printed on a commercial printing press. 3-D Glasses

Interactive involvement products bring to life as well as bring excitement to the printed word. Successful product development requires the mind of a creative communicator, a working relationship with an innovative manufacturer and a determined customer. These imaginative products help put "fun" back into the printing industry.

Understanding and Designing Interactive "Involvement" Products
Article published by Steve Singer © 2000

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