Making 3-D Images

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It's Exciting ... It's Interactive ... It's Great!
Use your imagination.
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3-D/Virtual Reality Paper

3-D/Virtual Reality Paper was designed for use in any Laser or Ink Jet Printer. However this "great product" becomes a "fantastic product" when images are printed using a Color Ink Jet Printer.
Print words and graphics on this unique paper. Then view through a red/blue viewer. Images appear to float above the page.
NOTE --- Virtual Reality Paper has a "top" and "bottom." The paper is held properly when the words "Virtual Reality Paper" appear in the lower left hand corner of the sheet.
Add another dimension --- with any graphics program, create your own 3-D images.

Creating 3-D Images --- Beginner Level


Using a graphics program, create an image and color it BLUE. [blue dog]
Duplicate it and color the copy RED. [red dog]
Slide the RED image slightly to the left of the blue image. [red-blue dog]
Print in color on white paper. View the image through a red/blue viewer and the image will appear to raise above the paper.

Next, create additional black words and images. Place them along side the red/blue image. Print on 3-D/Virtual Reality Paper. The black images will appear to float above the page. The red/blue image will appear at a level above the black images. [red-blue dog] [black dog]

Creating 3-D Images --- Advanced Level
Advance 3-D

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